Jessica's Dairy Barn Bridals {Charlotte Bridal Photographer}

Jessica is that girl that I swear could make a friend out of anybody.  Always described as bubbly, giggly, and fiercely loyal.  She also got married this past Saturday!  It was so gorgeous, and the weather was so perfect, such a blessing for her and her new husband, Brian.  Those images will come in time, but for now, I am honored to be able to showcase just a few of the many incredibly beautiful bridal portraits I captured of her.  Enjoy!



Ariel {Rainy Day Bridals} - Dennis Vineyards, Albemarle, NC

Ariel is such an amazing free spirit!  These bridals are such a small reflection of all the beauty she has.  Now that her (INCREDIBLE) wedding has come and gone, I can share these bridal portraits.  Nothing was going to stop us from capturing these gorgeous bridal portraits of Ariel.  Not the cold, not the rain, and not even a wardrobe malfunction (yeah... not on the bride... on me).  Her and her wonderful entourage of family and friends were a riot, and really set the tone for the day, and let me get a hint of what I was in for at the wedding, but you'll get a glimpse into that later.  For now, just check out this beauty!

Erin’s Bridals {Southern Belle Bridals} | Atlanta, Ga Wedding Photography

Erin is such a super-sweet southern gal!  I have had such a great time getting to know her, her family, and ultimately see her become the newest Mrs. Poole!  We went to Trump Club, where she is also having her wedding, to take her bridal portraits.  It was chilly, but luckily, it was a GORGEOUS day!  Enjoy!