Jessica & Brian Wedding {Vista at Walnut Hill} - Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Finding love isn't always easy.  Sometimes, it takes a lot longer than we think it should to find.  Then, sometimes, a story like this happpens.  Brian and Jessica were high school sweethearts, then they went their separate ways.  Life happened, then, a simple Facebook post happened...

After that, as Brian started keeping track of the coordinates of their special dates, they started forging a life with each other, and with their kids.  Their wedding day was simply a new chapter starting in a wonderful, lovely story.  Their wedding had Up-inspired items, Superheros, and was just so very, THEM.  Enjoy!



Transform Fitness Training {Trainer Shoot} | Charlotte, NC Lifestyle and Fitness Photography

I love when I get to mix my passions!  My trainer finally got around to asking me to do some promotional photography for his trainers as well as a few other clients!  I so happily excepted!  Got a hold of a killer location (with no AC, so that's natural glisten there folks!), and had some fun for the afternoon! 

Nikko + Jess {Lakeside Bliss} | Atlanta, Ga Wedding Photography

When I first got the joy of meeting Jess, it was awesome.  We laughed throughout the whole consult and got super excited about planning out her wedding photography.  There was only one hitch, she and her fiancee live in California!  So through long distance planning, pinterest, meeting on her trips back to the East Coast, and one final meetup a week or so before the wedding, we got everything signed, sealed, and delivered!  The detail they put into their (her and Nikko) wedding was amazing.  They could not have picked a better backdrop for it than the Peninsula Club.  The fun loving, free spirited, engaging personalities of them, their bridal party, and their families was obvious throughout the entire day. I cannot wait to get to work with this amazing couple again!

Chola Wedding {O'Henry Bliss} | Atlanta, Ga Wedding Photography

No days are more hectic, crazy, fun, stressful, and full of family and love like wedding days are!  As overwhelmed as I know Alysha and Ben were on their wedding day, the moment they saw each other at the ceremony, I saw it all wash away into smiles and blissfulness.  Not even a crazy downpour was going to stop them from having a fabulous time!  This wedding had it all, laughter, tears, joy, traditional African dances, and the first ever cake knife dance I'd seen.  This is one wedding, and couple, that I will never forget!