Wedding Wednesday {#1} - All About Timelines!

When it comes to your wedding, one of the hardest things is planning out your timeline.  I know that it was tasking for me, and I've been a part of over 100 weddings!  I wanted detail shots, and getting ready shots, and a first look, plus everything else.  I wanted it all, and so does every bride!  When I walked through my venue, I tried to think of the easiest place with good light for our first look, the family portraits, the bridal party portraits, etc, etc. It was so tough! We got married in the early afternoon in April.  So I looked up the sunset time and planned our portraits around that. I had to realize that if we did a first look at noon or 1 pm, we were going to be in some harsh light, so I needed a location with shade and diffused light.  Not only did I need diffused light, I also needed a LARGE area of indirect light for our bridal party pictures too!

I don't know too many people that jump for joy when it comes to sorting out and figuring out a timeline.  There is just so much to consider!  It really sets the tone for the wedding day, and can make or break the stress levels.  Most brides do NOT realize this when they start planning! So to all of you brides-to-be out there… consider yourself warned!  Please know that the timeline needs to a Photographer's Timeline!  Trust me, we will love you for letting us be in control of this, and you will get phenomenal portraits of everything! My timeline for my wedding wasn't perfect, however by doing a first look and allowing plenty of time for everything, it worked out quite well.

Some things to be aware of when you’re planning your timeline:

1. Travel time to and from the ceremony and reception locations
2. Be nice to your photographer and give them a good 30-40 minutes for the first look and portraits and then another 20 mins for bridal party portraits!
3. Allow your photographer time to capture the reception details UNTOUCHED
4. Plan to have all of your family in one place for family portraits and have an idea of who you want ahead of time! I normally encourage a bride to make a list….and of COURSE I forgot to do that… Sorry Jasmine!
5. Go over your final timeline with your coordinator…. preferably more than once! …(If you need a wedding planner… I know an awesome one)
6. If you have a TON of bridesmaids… have more than one or two hairstylists.
7. Don’t wait till the morning of the wedding to steam your dress! Ah!
8. Allow extra getting ready time… there will always be something that takes longer than expected!…. ie: fake eyelashes!
9. Save your photographer time by having ALL of your details in one place when he/she arrives!

You can see an excerpt from my bride guide that concerns timelines and how to allow ample time for everything!

I hope this first of many Wedding Wednesday posts can be somewhat helpful to brides, wedding planners and even other photographers! Enjoy!