Candice + Jacques {Downtown Engagement Session}

Candice & Jacques are pretty much the most fun pair of South Africans I know (then again, I don’t know that many, but I will soon!).  With their wedding blog coming soon, I wanted to share their Belmont engagement session!  I love happy couples, and it seems like I always have the best ones find me.  These two didn’t stop smiling and laughing at each other (and once in awhile at me, I’m clumsy, what can I say!), the entire session!

Brian + Jessica {"Up"-inspired Engagments} - UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens

These two, oh my goodness!  Up fans through and through.  Brian proposed on a mountaintop to Jessica with an adventure book for them to fill, and had a mailbox made with their hand prints (and the  hand prints of their kids!).  When they told me they were keeping the trend going for their engagement portraits and their wedding, I could not have been more excited!  Their love for each other fully shines through in their portraits and I am so looking forward to their Spring wedding!

Adam + Morgan {Love as Strong as the Trees} - Landis, NC Engagement Session

I've known Morgan for many years, and when I heard she found love (and an upcoming marriage) with Adam, I was so happy for her.  These two are a perfect match!  Both Liberty University attendees, they will be returning to campus for part of their portraits for their November wedding (keep an eye out for those portraits coming later this year!!).  I couldn't be more blessed that they chose me to photograph their big day, as well as this big day, when we all got up super early (and on a race day even!) to have a little fun!  Oh, and CHECK OUT THAT GORGEOUS ROCK!  (I'm such a sucker for sapphire!)

Christen + Nels {Charleston Engagement Session} - South Carolina Photography

Christen has been my friend since high school, and when I first met Nels, I knew they were perfect for each other.  They are both goofy, loving, and so in love with each other.  I was so excited when she asked me to be her photographer, and OVER THE MOON when she told me they wanted to do their engagement session in Charleston!!  We had a great time wandering around before it started pouring.  Gotta love that Charleston weather!  Enjoy the images!