Candice + Jacques {Downtown Engagement Session}

Candice & Jacques are pretty much the most fun pair of South Africans I know (then again, I don’t know that many, but I will soon!).  With their wedding blog coming soon, I wanted to share their Belmont engagement session!  I love happy couples, and it seems like I always have the best ones find me.  These two didn’t stop smiling and laughing at each other (and once in awhile at me, I’m clumsy, what can I say!), the entire session!

Jason + Courtney {Cozy on the Estate} | Atlanta, Ga Wedding & Engagement Photography

I was so glad to meet Jason & Courtney. They are two of the most awesome, down to earth people I know. After a consult with them, and chatting about their May wedding, I knew that they would love to go spend a day at the Biltmore. So they packed some nice warm clothes, and I packed my cameras, and we set out on a wonderfully fun day on the estate. Enjoy the results!!

Adam + Kacy {Love Off the Rails} | Atlanta, Ga Wedding & Engagement Photography

When Kacy got in touch with me about photographing her engagement session with Adam, I got really excited for two reasons.  Reason 1 - They wanted to include their dog, Vera, in the session!  I absolutely LOVE it when my clients want to bring the fur babies to their shoots!  Reason number 2 was because she told me how they wanted to have their shoot at the train station, which I had never been too.  It was so much exploring the area with those three, and I wish them the best for their upcoming wedding! 

John + Maria {Love on Fire} | Atlanta, Ga Wedding & Engagement Photography

On fire is one of the only ways I can describe these two. I’ve known Maria for a few years now, and I’ve never seen her happier than after she met John. These two are inseparable! Gym buddies, car buddies, life partners. They covered all their bases! I was so excited when Maria, who is also a model (I mean, look at her!), asked me about shooting her engagement session! i was also very happy that not only did the gorgeous leaves stick around for us, but that these two were such troopers. I’m fairly certain we picked the COLDEST fall day to have the shoot! Anyway, enjoy!!