Adam + Morgan {Love as Strong as the Trees} - Landis, NC Engagement Session

I've known Morgan for many years, and when I heard she found love (and an upcoming marriage) with Adam, I was so happy for her.  These two are a perfect match!  Both Liberty University attendees, they will be returning to campus for part of their portraits for their November wedding (keep an eye out for those portraits coming later this year!!).  I couldn't be more blessed that they chose me to photograph their big day, as well as this big day, when we all got up super early (and on a race day even!) to have a little fun!  Oh, and CHECK OUT THAT GORGEOUS ROCK!  (I'm such a sucker for sapphire!)

Adam + Kacy {Love Off the Rails} | Atlanta, Ga Wedding & Engagement Photography

When Kacy got in touch with me about photographing her engagement session with Adam, I got really excited for two reasons.  Reason 1 - They wanted to include their dog, Vera, in the session!  I absolutely LOVE it when my clients want to bring the fur babies to their shoots!  Reason number 2 was because she told me how they wanted to have their shoot at the train station, which I had never been too.  It was so much exploring the area with those three, and I wish them the best for their upcoming wedding!